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Wow this remainds me of a minigame from Taptitude! Really cool

OK, i will leave some consultative feedback:

-Dig animations are a bit slow making the game annoying after a while.

-Nice random caves but you should put gems wherever it's possible to be mined. There are some places where there's no way you can mine.

-Maybe an ability to pan the camera a little lower so you can plan before you go?

-Enemies very stronk. Maybe start with easier mobs and slowly going down make them stronger.

-Good idea might be for the character to walk on Cells. One cell = one block. And not move on half cells (half blocks). REFERENCE : See pokemon crystal

-Chests with goodies, like potion of invisibility ( enemies can't detect you ) . Potion of mining. Maybe bombs and ropes. REFERENCE : see SPELUNKY

Good game brother. I will follow you. Follow me also and please give me feedback when I will eventually finish my game also.

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<3, but I believe the mac version is some old build. exe works perfectly with wine though : ) 

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