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You are a dwarf looking for gems, try avoid as many enemies as you can while rushing for that precious gems! 

The faster you mine gems, the more points you will get

If you loot the diamond pickaxe, you will mine twice as fast!

You can not kill enemies, so, don't let them catch you

You can not die by fall damage, try to go as fast as you can

Have fun!

Big part of the art is from this tileset https://0x72.itch.io/microfantasy

Thank you 0x72! :D http://0x72.pl/


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dwarfs-gone-deeper-windows-amd64.exe 5 MB
Version 1
dwarfs-gone-deeper-linux-amd64.bin 4 MB
Version 1
dwarfs-gone-deeper-macos.zip 3 MB
Version 1
dwarfs-gone-deeper-linux-raspberrypi.bin 5 MB
Version 1


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Wow this remainds me of a minigame from Taptitude! Really cool

OK, i will leave some consultative feedback:

-Dig animations are a bit slow making the game annoying after a while.

-Nice random caves but you should put gems wherever it's possible to be mined. There are some places where there's no way you can mine.

-Maybe an ability to pan the camera a little lower so you can plan before you go?

-Enemies very stronk. Maybe start with easier mobs and slowly going down make them stronger.

-Good idea might be for the character to walk on Cells. One cell = one block. And not move on half cells (half blocks). REFERENCE : See pokemon crystal

-Chests with goodies, like potion of invisibility ( enemies can't detect you ) . Potion of mining. Maybe bombs and ropes. REFERENCE : see SPELUNKY

Good game brother. I will follow you. Follow me also and please give me feedback when I will eventually finish my game also.

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<3, but I believe the mac version is some old build. exe works perfectly with wine though : ) 

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