Alpha 0.1.3 released

This update includes some new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here's a summary of the main changes:

  1. New enemy, the orc
  2. Exit button on menu
  3. Save and load game
  4. Launch crash fixed on mac
  5. Improved death effect
  6. Improved particle generation
  7. Improved enemy detection
  8. Improved occlusion culling
  9. Interpolation fixed on high fps


Alpha v0.1.3 19 MB
Mar 16, 2019

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what does the gold even do?

im hoping you add a shop in a later update

i wanna buy upgrades!

You will be able to buy items, upgrades and temporal buffs in the future :D

Great updates!


Still a lot of things on the way, I'll try to release a weekly update :D