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Awesome look and feel, but I have a lot of issues with the gameplay.  There's  no mercy invulnerability, so getting hit by pretty much anything can kill you instantly.  When I literally die 6 times in as many minutes on beginner, there's something wrong.  I'm not that bad at games.

Forcing you to start with a melee character, and then having every enemy be able to kill you in a couple seconds while in melee seems like a bad design choice.

Also, I had a real issue with the poison left behind by the slimes, for similar reasons.  If it did a couple ticks of damage, that would be tolerable, but it literally killed me every time I accidentally walked through it.

I can see a lot of potential in this, but right now the mechanics are too merciless for me to get any fun out of it.  

There's a short invulnerable time after being hit, please note that the game is an alpha demo with just the core mechanics, is not balanced and far from be finished.

Thanks for playing

i would like to pay you something.... but i don't have a job... i live with my grandma :V

Where is the exe file? When i downloaded it, there was none in the main file.

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Hi GrannyJo. For now, the file is a .jar. When the official release is available, it will be OS specific (.exe, etc.)

Are you able to open the .jar on your system? You will need to have java in place to do so. 

And if it helps, someone else posted this link to running .jar files on Windows (if you can't just "open" the file directly):

its a jar file

Really cool game to play, usually those kinda games are not in first person, and It made it even better in my point of view. Even thought the game is not finished I had a great time playing it !

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Glad you like it! :D, the game is far from be finished, but I'll think about it, thank you

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i am a normie so finding out how to launch your game was kinda of difficult, came close to giving up but i found this video about how to open .jar files and it worked,before this i never knew of a file called .jar a little heads up would have been appreciated.

here`s a link :

If you can not open it with just double click is because of the windows configuration, not because of the game, in the release version I'll include a .exe file

During the ~10 minutes I could spare between two appointments I died six times. This is not a bad thing, the last run I had was by far the longest so I *did* learn something about the game. But what put me off is that I had to click myself through the menus again upon every death.

Oh and in my opinion the "Locked" classes are not communicated clear enough. I tried "Hunter" and "Mage" first until I understood that the right button would change when I go for an unlocked class.

The game is far from be finished, is just an alpha demo with the core mechanics, many things are going to change and improve in the future.

Thank s for playing :D

German testzone have a look guys/Deutsches Angezockt schaut mal rein

Wow nice gameplay! thank you for playing :D

Thank you, thats a amazing game but i think its a little bit to hard for beginners ;) 

as beginner i would like to have a health potion.

Suggestion: stepping on skull tiles break them :)

You should make it so enemies have different facing sprites, just like in Doom!

Because is inspired on Doom, doesn't mean I want to do it exactly like it :D

True, but I still think it'd be cool to be able to see what direction they are looking in, that way it doesn't seem like they are watching you from a distance and then coming to attack you when you draw near.

idk why but none of npc moves,can't pick up coins and to be honest nothing works exept door and movement and swingin axe

Have you read the description before download it?

Is a "prototype" and still in development

I hope it has blood =D

Man i love the concept so much i hope u go in the right direction with this because i want to play it so badly when more content comes out

There is so much potential in this game

Glad you like it, if you enjoy playing doom and rpg elements, I'm sure you will like the final result :D

It's a nice game, but do you think you could add controller compatibility? This would be so much more comfortable to play with a controller

I can make it compatible with a controller but, I want to focus the game for android and not for desktop

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I want to play this soooooo bad but I'm having trouble getting Java to even bring anything up. You think you could possible release a version wrapped up as an exe or suggestions on the basics required to play it? I've got Java installed, but it isn't being cooperative on its' own. :j
(OS is windows 10 and Java version is 8 update 1.81.)

Try to use the cmd console, just go to the Doomgeon.jar folder and write: java -jar Doomgeon.jar

I cant interact with anything :(
But I loved the game , concept and art though

There's nothing to do jet rather than walk, attack or jump, the game still in development 😁

Cool game. I am going to have my Game Design class play this.

tha APK kept crashing on my Galazy S7. I will try the ZIP when I get to my PC :)

Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix it soon

Just uploaded a new version that fix the problem, should be fine now, thank you for letting me know :D



Thanks to google translate, I can see you want more info, isn't it?

It's all over there, in the links provided

It's funny that you want more info and you just post one word, and not even in English lol

Thanks for playing tho :D